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Mar 27 2017, 10:13 PM
So just a head's up: this is my final semester of university. (Assuming I pass all of my classes, that is.) The heat is on right now and stress is starting to get to me, and I have a group project effectively due in a week, so I'll likely be posting less. I'll still be trying to keep up with staff things, though, but if I miss anything, just poke me!

This might will affect:
  • America Chavez
  • Bucky Barnes
  • Clint Barton
  • Ellie Phimister
  • Gert Yorkes
  • Grant Ward
  • Harry Osborn
  • Sif
  • Tony Stark
Feb 28 2017, 03:12 PM
Is something in the skin of the site not working right for you? Is there something you'd like to see added? Post below, and I'll try to see what I can do about it! (If posting about an issue, please include a screenshot and your screen resolution.)
Feb 14 2017, 09:48 AM
Happy Valentine's Day, lovelies! Our monthly announcement is a few days later than usual, but I promise that it comes with glad tidings. First off, Musical Chars may have ended, but we have a whole new, appropriately themed mini-event: Crack-Ship! Check it out, and enjoy a bit of AU lovin'~

Second, if you were here for our last (irregularly scheduled) announcement, you'll know that our updated plot has kicked off both the Accords and Registration. We've already gotten several group plots going for both sides, pro and anti, so check that out and see if any pique your interests! The more, the merrier~

And finally, the lovely Octi has posted some fun threads across the site: Matchmaker and the WYAT Data Dump! Take a peek at both and harass for more applaud our lovely members for going above and beyond!

As always, thank you for being a wonderful group of writers and friends, and we'll update again next month! (Or sooner, if I get impatient again.)
Feb 11 2017, 11:02 PM
As promised, we have a new event.

Don't think that your constant chanting of "AU board" in the cbox and PMs have gone unnoticed! We see all, we know all, and we are here to supply your wishes - in a sense. This time around, we won't be swapping characters or inflicting torment on each other. In keeping with Valentine's day being upon us, we'll instead be giving you all free reign to ship to your heart's delight. Any AU, any pairing... We don't care! Offer up your smut to the goddess Kiri and her high priest Spidey.

Since this is a contest, though, we'll be putting a cap on the number of mini-event threads you can be writing at once. Three threads max - because as much as I'm a slut for AUs, we don't want to go too ham on all of this. If you finish a thread completely, you can request for it to be closed and then replace it with another. Keep in mind, though, that the first three threads you write will serve as your entries into the event! Everything else is just for fun~

At the end of the event, we'll once again have you all vote, but instead of best writer, it'll be best ship! Like last time, everyone will send their top three choices to the WYAT Staff account and we will tally up the points. The three ships with the highest points will win prizes! Like last time, staff are exempt from earning prizes, so if we happen to be in a pairing that places, only our writing partner will get the goodies! (We'll fill you in on that closer to the end of the event. Some things have to remain a surprise, right?)

This time around, there isn't a sign-up sheet in the strictest sense; if you want to participate, just reply here to let people know that you're ready and willing to write some lovin'! Go ahead and also use this thread to plot out who you want to thread with, in what 'verse, et cetera.

The event will, once again, last two months - until April 14th. After that, judging will commence!

And with that, let the shipping wars begin!

<ul><li>Bucky & Thor </li>
<li>Maria & Thor</li></ul></li>
<ul><li>Elektra & Logan </li></ul></li>
<ul><li>Erik & Vision </li>
<li>Angie & Pepper & Trish</li></ul></li>
<ul><li>Jean & Wanda</li></ul></li>
<li>GI Joe</li>
<ul><li>Kitty & Kurt</li></ul></li>
<ul><li>Bucky & Thor </li>
<li>Loki & Sif</li></ul></li>
<ul><li>Cindy & Khan</li></ul></li>

<ul><li>Loki & Sif</li>
<li>Natasha & Wanda</li>
<li>Maria & Thor</li></ul></li>
<ul><li>Erik & Vision </li>
<li>Angie & Pepper & Trish</li></ul></li>
<ul><li>Angie & Peter </li>
<li>Angie & Pepper & Trish</li></ul></li>
<ul><li>Molly & Scott </li>
<li>Angie & Peter </li>
<li>Cindy & Khan</li></ul></li>

<ul><li>Molly & Scott </li>
<li>Kitty & Kurt</li></ul></li>
<ul><li>Elektra & Logan </li>
<li>Natasha & Wanda</li>
<li>Jean & Wanda</li></ul></li>
Feb 4 2017, 04:40 AM
Here it is, folks! The results of the event! Thanks to everyone who participated; it was wonderful to see all of your takes on the characters you were assigned. And thanks to everyone that voted as well!

Let's get down to it. The votes have been tallied and the results are as follows:
  • In third place, asdfg!
  • In second place, Storm!
  • And finally, in first place, Octi!
Congrats to all of you! As promised, you'll all get to choose from the prizes below, starting with first place and continuing on down the line. Simply respond to this announcement with your choice and we'll remove it from the list accordingly!

  • The ability to app any character that is deceased in the MCU
  • An instant voucher to make your next character
  • Five additional posts added to any one of your character's post counts
(Be sure to keep on the lookout for our next mini-event too. This next one will be themed based on the nearest holiday! Get your poor shipper hearts ready, bbies)
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