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 frequently asked questions
WYAT Staff
 Posted: Jun 8 2016, 08:19 PM
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I don't see the character I want on the Canon List. Can I still apply?
Marvel has a lot of characters, so listing them all out would have been both exhausting to do and for everyone to read. We welcome a vast majority of comic characters, so long as they aren't on the Banned List. If you want to app a character you don't see listed, send WYAT Staff a message for approval with a pitch on how you'd adapt the character to the site. Do not post your request in cbox, as it might not get seen!

Can I play an OC?
At this time we are not accepting original characters. With how expansive and huge the Marvel comics are, there's plenty of characters that are criminally underdeveloped and could be easily adapted to fit your needs. Feel free to ask us for some suggestions, we're mega-nerds and would love to help!

Can I make changes to a canon character's history?
That question highly depends on who and what you're making changes to. For any major changes please contact the joint staff account or an admin and we can help!

Another Marvel character is a big part of my character's history, can I mention them in my application?
Since we want everyone to have free reign when it comes to how their character's interact with others this can be tricky. Immediate family members may be mentioned sparingly, but just because your character is married to another in the comics doesn't mean it will be that way here. Any history between characters that was shown in Marvel films, TV series, or MCU approved comic/novels that happened prior to Captain America: Civil War count as canon and can be freely mentioned. Anything outside of this would need the other player's explicit approval, so be sure to communicate with other members if you want their characters involved in the past of yours! We will be checking this prior to accepting applications.

I want someone to app a certain character that's relative to mine so I can join in. How do I get them on the suggested canon list?
The list of suggested canons is not a wanted ad. It is meant to collect characters who are integral to the site's overall plot and direction (the admins have plans, glorious plans!) Since we are looking to give everyone freedom with their characters and have as little pressure as possible, we do not have a wanted section. However, our members are lovely about discussing plots and even if your character isn't from the same story arc you can rest easy knowing you will have plenty of opportunities for threads!

I'm having a problem with another member, and trying to talk with them hasn't helped. What do I do?
While this is rare, we take these matters very seriously and are here to help! We like to keep the drama in the roleplay and not between members. Please send a private message to one of our two admins so we can assist with the situation.

I don't see the answer to my question here! Help!
Never fear, that's why the staff is here! Send one of us a private message so we can help! Please refrain from posting complex questions in the cbox, as your message may get missed.
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