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WYAT Staff
 Posted: Jun 8 2016, 08:12 PM
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general rules
  • First and foremost! Be respectful. Bullying, arguing with staff members, and harassing of any kind, including pestering others for posts or ships, will absolutely not be tolerated on this site. Nobody should feel pressured into posting or shipping, and NO PAIRING IS GUARANTEED. If you break this rule, and we either see you harassing someone or have it reported to us, you will be warned. If the behavior continues, you will be removed from the site at the staff team's discretion. We're all here to have fun, so treat others the way you'd want to be treated. Essentially, don't be a dick.
  • When staff asks something of you, please listen. We try to be as fair and respectful as possible, so please cooperate the first time we ask. Arguing with any of the staff team will not be tolerated.
  • Same rules apply in the cbox. It's for chatting, not for bugging people. Keep all discussions civil, and try to steer clear of ignoring the merits of other people's opinions. Remember kids, it's okay not to like something, as long as you're not a dick about it.
  • Don't advertise in the cbox. At all. Advertisements have their own board so please put them there.
  • Please keep in mind that plotting prior to a character's acceptance should be kept to a more theoretical nature. Chatting back in forth in the cbox about possible plots is acceptable, but don't set anything in stone prior to actual acceptance - and please refrain from PMing members about plots unless it's about mentions in a history. There may be changes necessary in your app that could alter those plots!
  • All members must be 18 to join WYAT. Certain themes are more mature, and in keeping with TOS and the comfort of adults that may not want to write more mature content with minors, we have this age limit in place. (We're not trying to be mean, we're just following the rules.)
character creation
  • At the current time, WYAT is canon only. In the future, OCs may open up, but for now, we will only be accepting characters that exist within the MCU/the comics.
  • One account per character, please! When registering a character account, please register with the following format: First Last. We aren't picky on what name you use if your character goes by multiple names. For example, you could register Cap as either Steve Rogers or Steven Rogers. If your character doesn't have a last name, carry on.
  • Each character must have made FIFTEEN IC POSTS on top of their original total before another can be apped. For example, if you wanted a second character, your first needs fifteen posts. If you want a third, your first needs thirty and your second needs fifteen, and so on.
  • The age minimum on characters is 12, but permission must be obtained from staff before any character is created that is under 16 years old. Additionally, no characters under 16 may engage in sexual activity or mature threads of ANY SORT. This is a hard and fast rule, and no exceptions will be made.
  • Playbys must be living to be used. No PBs may be under the age of 13, and again, staff approval must be gained before using a playby under age 16.
  • Playbys that are currently being used in the MCU are reserved for their respective character, unless that character is apped and a different playby is being used.
  • Please check our canon list when applying for a canon character! If the character you want to play isn't on the list, PM WYAT Staff with your pitch for how you'd incorporate the character to the site! Once we've given the okay, you can go ahead with the application process. Keep in mind that if we don't have a pitch from you, we may deny the app.
  • Also, please reserve your character before posting a WIP app! Reserves last a week, which should be more than enough time to finish an app. A WIP app will not count as a placeholder; we go based on what's reserved, so if there's no reserve up, the character is fair game.
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If you have an old app from an old site, let us know, because we will be checking, and if any part of your app is stolen or copied, it will be denied on the spot. This includes copy-pasting from wikis; we want to know your take on the character, and want to see everything written in your own words.
  • Concerning character histories, please try to leave out other unapped characters from your character's history unless it's absolutely necessary; for example, having Bucky in Steve's history would be acceptable, since they're a part of each other's MCU histories. Doing so allows for a bit more freedom in character histories, and that's what we're all about here!
  • Additionally, please try not to add unnecessary drama to histories. Yes, writing tortured characters can be fun, but too much sad backstory makes for an overwhelming backstory.
  • Please be reasonable in terms of powers, if any. Yes, superheroes have some fantastic, incredible powers at times, but they also have weaknesses. The staff team reserves the right to ask for tweaks in the powers of characters. If we do request a power change, we promise we're not trying to destroy your idea. We're more than happy to work with you to find something that fits into the site!
  • We also ask that abilities are explicitly described in terms of limits and weaknesses. If your character has super strength, give us an upper limit! As stated above, make sure it's reasonable, and if there's a character with a similar power range to your own, try to make sure that it's along the lines of that one without outright copy-pasting.
  • At this time, we will not be accepting characters that are time travelers or have time travel present in their histories, so keep this in mind while applying!
activity and posting
  • To be considered "active", we ask that you log onto all of your accounts on a weekly basis. We also ask that you post at least once IC every three weeks, not including communication threads. Essentially, we want to make sure that you're still around! If an account is not logged into in over a month, no posts have been made, and no absence notice has been posted, canon claims may be reopened for the taking. We also hold random activity checks, where old accounts will be removed and characters can be dropped.
  • Repeated absences by a player with a "key canon" to story progression may result in the staff team reclaiming said character. While this is meant to be for fun, holding up plots with important canons inevitably holds everyone up. Please only choose a highly involved character if you can more than keep up with activity requirements.
  • While there is no word count, we do ask that you refrain from one-liners and chatspeak in posts. Do however much feels necessary for the thread at hand, but if your writing partner is giving you paragraphs to work with, don't respond with just two lines.
  • We don't have an overall site rating, mostly because we're all adults here and we trust you. Try to keep the really extreme stuff off-site, though. Additionally, keep in mind that not everyone wants to read more mature things, though, so please mark your threads if they contain any mature or triggering content. If we have to warn people, this rule will change, and nobody wants that.
  • Please, please, please keep in mind that in-character actions will have consequences. Death is a very real threat in the Marvel universe, and while resurrection is a thing that can happen, it will need to be earned and approved by the staff team. So don't send your human off to go pick a fight with the Hulk. It won't end well.
graphics and templates
  • Images for the miniprofiles are 250x350, and should be still images, not gifs. The gifs in the miniprofile resizes, so don't worry about the size, but it should be square. Signatures are enabled with DOHTML, but we ask that you not use enormous images or gifs that might clutter the board or distract from posts.
  • All forums on this board are DOHTML enabled, meaning that you can use whatever pretty thread templates that your heart desires. We even have some templates built into the site if you don't want to look for one! Stealing of templates, however, or claiming ownership of something you didn't make, will absolutely not be tolerated. As a coder and a programmer, I can tell you that having your hard work stolen is extremely disheartening. Again, don't be a dick. Stealing isn't okay, and anyone in violation of this rule will be warned only once.
  • Any template with a hover that obscures the body of text in a post or plotter should be avoided, please. Hover templates are a pain to read from on mobile, and we'd like to remain as mobile-friendly as possible.
  • Please also refrain from using any NSFW images in posts or templates. Images in violation of this rule will be removed, and you will be contacted by staff.
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