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 everybody want that presto magic, nico
Billy Kaplan
 Posted: May 7 2018, 10:35 PM
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i've got the magic in me
In theory, meditation was great for controlling his powers.

In theory.

Translating the things he was taught to his reality was a bit trickier. Billy had never exactly prided himself on having the greatest focus. Sure, he could pour all of his attention into his favorite books, but that was real and present. There was something tangible, an object that he could physically touch, to focus on. Trying to do the same with his power was like cupping water in his hands. It always seemed to slip through his fingers the longer he sat there, and he never really felt in control.

Plus, meditating was hard. He always found himself developing some random itch when he was meant to be sitting still, or wound up drifting off and daydreaming. Once, he'd definitely fallen asleep, and that had just been a nightmare. Magic while awake was enough of a struggle; asleep, it was even more unpredictable. And it certainly didn't help that he was never alone when he practiced. There was always someone there at the corner of his vision, the edge of his perception, and his own self-consciousness made his skin crawl.

It also didn't help that one of the other students - if he could really call them that - was far better than he was.

Nico's magic seemed easier by default, and Billy couldn't count the number of times that he'd cursed his luck for getting landed with his specific powerset. Not that he was envious of her situation; he very much liked his family, and he wouldn't have traded them for the world. (He could have done without the younger brothers, though.) But things seemed to come easily to Nico, and she held herself with a grace that he honestly envied. A lot of the time, it seemed like she was born to do this, whereas he'd just accidentally stumbled into this world of magic.

Meditation just wasn't happening today, not with all of that swirling through his head. Groaning (possibly too loudly), the teen pressed the heels of his hands to his closed eyes, rubbing at his face before scrubbing his hands back through his hair. His legs ached from sitting crosslegged, but the pinprick sensation that he could feel told him that getting up would just be another embarrassment. His hands dropped, eyes opening, and he glanced over at the girl, biting his lip before blurting out, "How do you do it? It just seems like this all comes so much easier for you."
Nico Minoru
god this is so late but magic babes!
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