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 BARNES, BUCKY, 101| Sebastian Stan
Bucky Barnes
 Posted: Mar 28 2018, 08:37 PM
Bucky Barnes
Winter Soldier
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Bucky Barnes


Full Name:

James Buchanan Barnes


The Winter Solder// White Wolf



Date of Birth:

March 10, 1917


One hundred and One




150 lbs

Distinguishing Features:

Sever scarring on left should where metal arm attatches

Member Group:



Sebastian Stan


"Most of the intelligence community doesn't believe he exists, the ones that do call him the Winter Soldier. He's credited with over two dozen assassinations in the last fifty years."

Under the forceful hands of Hydra, Barnes was made into a ruthless killing machine, continuously wiped of his conscious and, with the use of a select set of trigger words, brainwashed into a mindless assassin. With his serum enhances physicality and strength, the Winter Soldier isn't easily overpowered. Trained to mastery in nearly all forms of combat, he rarely meets an opponent who matches his skillset. While under the endless years of mind wiping and control, one would think any chance of finding a man once known as Bucky Barnes behind those dead eyes, would be a lost cause, yet even failed to take into account their soldiers one weakness: His past. By bringing back a time in his life when he had been himself, Hydra quickly lost their grip on the Winter Soldier as he was set free.

Even with the enhancements of the serum, Bucky still has his limits, as do all soldiers. He is only able to go for so long before tiring, and similarly will quickly lose his will to fight once reminded of his guilt.

Injected with a super soldier serum similar to that of Doctor's Erskine's, Bucky Barnes is nearly at the peak of physical perfection. His endurance, strength, speed, and agility are all enhanced, to the point where he has surpassed human perfection and could be considered superhuman. Due to the serum, his bone structure is significantly denser than that of the average man, allowing him the ability to jump off and land from extremely high places without injury. The time it takes for him to tire is significantly longer than what would be considered normal, and he is able to last hours at peak performance before showing signs of fatigue. Finally, as a direct effect of the serum, Bucky's recovery time from injury is remarkably shorter than an average human's, and he is able to make a full recovery without days without signs of scarring.

Bucky's main weapon is his bionic arm which he uses in battle along with his seemingly infinite amount of weapons. As a replacement for his damaged arm, Hydra fitted him with a metal arm which is fused with the flesh of his shoulder. It fully functions as an arm and far surpasses into superhuman strength, able to easily rip through metal and smash through a solid wall of cement.

As far as physical weapons go, during his Winter Soldier days, he was known to be able to pull just about anything out of his vest. Anything ranging from pocket knives to pistols, the Winter Soldier is loaded and prepared for whatever comes his way. Highly skilled and trained in hand to hand martial arts combat, some of which may have been learned from his boxing days as a three-time YMCA welter-weight champion before the Second World War, he became a brutal assassin and could easily take down dozens of opponents with ease.

During his time with Hydra, Barnes also picked up the skills of knife fighting. Usually choosing to hold the weapon in his flesh hand, he is an expert at close quarter knife combat, though especially specializes in Kali knife combat.

With his previous training during World War II, Bucky became an expert in the field of marksmanship. He is able to accurately hit a target from a long distance using only a single round, and can even do so without the use of a rifle.

Finally, Bucky is multilingual, having become fluent in over thirty languages, a few of which being English, Romanian, Russian, and German.

Bucky Barnes wasn't trained to neutralize people peacefully. He's an assassin.


A man with a heart of gold and the courage of a lion, James Buchanan Barnes could be considered by many, the epitome of a hero. His fearless nature while driving into battle reflects his determination and resolve to defend and protect his country; One that he has grown to cherish and love. It proves his deep passion of loyalty, willing to sacrifice his life for those he loves and cares for. Similar to Steve who refuses to be a bystander when a situation looks wrong, Bucky is quick to step forward and make his presence known.

Used to being the main focus of any outing with his confidence and swagger, Bucky was forced with the harsh reality that he was no longer the at the center of the spotlight. Up until reuniting with Steve, he'd taken the role of a leader his whole life. From being a positive influence on his younger siblings to filling the shoes of an older brother for Steve, the new position as a wingman was an unexpected reality check for Bucky. He had lived the majority of his life being the Adonis beside Steve and loving the attention. Nevertheless, he took it in stride, allowing his best friend to start calling the shots. Bucky's willingness and easygoing attitude shows through these actions as he follows alongside Steve in his quests to take down Hydra.

Bucky's placement as a sniper reveals not only his patience, as snipers in the army are forced to lay still for hours staring through a fixed point in order to hit their target, as well as his perfectionism. A sniper must be able to hit their targets from an extreme distance away and are expected to take them down with a single shot.

Growing up in a military family, Bucky learned from a young age that manners and obedience came first. He had no difficulties incorporating these lessons into his life; quickly becoming known as the respectful gentleman his parents had raised him to be. Even now, nearly 80 years later and after decades of suffering and traumatic torture, Bucky has emerged as much of the man he had grown up to be. His gentle demeanor and kind attitude emerge throughout his everyday life, as he treats everyone with the utmost respect and gratitude.

Bucky's decision to take Steve under his wing proves his kind heart and desire to help others in need. Not only did he stand up for the much more vulnerable man when he was being targetted by bullies, but he stayed by his side. Unlike so many of the other kids his age, Bucky wasn't looking to impress anyone, nor was he trying to gain popularity. He knew choosing Steve as a friend, a boy who was constantly picked on and bullied, would mean driving away many of the friends in his life, yet he chose not to care. When given the choice, Bucky has proven he will choose the right path every time. His morals are deeply rooted and won't be shaken unless he is forced against his will.

Barnes's easy going and social attitude make making new friends almost second nature, though at the end of the day he prefers his downtime. Quiet by nature, his true personality comes out around those he's closest to, such as close friends and family. Because of reserved demeanor, others have a difficult time getting to know him and who he is deeper than his outward confident appearance.

After emerging from Hydra, Bucky's deeply rooted morals and ideals have remained intact, though he is struggling to pick up and reconnect the pieces of his fragmented life. In many ways, he has remained the same man: Gentle and kind, though his flamboyant and confident disposition has become shaken. He has lost the trust he once had in the world after dealing with the consequences of his inevitable defeat for decades. The guilt he carries has become the sole focus of his attention, which over time has consumed his life. He no longer has his youthful spark of confidence, instead of dealing with severe trust issues, even finding it difficult at first to trust Steve Rogers. His inability to trust has forced him to become isolated, and his years as an assassin have nearly made it impossible for others to consider trusting him. Time heals all wounds, though, as they say, which will hopefully ring true for this Brooklyn boy. He has a long road ahead but is taking it step by step, picking up the pieces of his old life along the way and finding new ones to fit the picture.


From war hero to a Soviet assassin, the tale of the Winter Soldier is a tragedy like none other.

He is a man whose grown exhausted of living. A soldier who has fought, sacrificed and given his all. He has stood back up after the world has beaten him down, and then he's struggled to his feet and fought some more. Except, the fight never ends, and a man can only handle so much before he finds himself well and truly broken. The truth is, even the strongest soldiers still have their limits. The burden he carries is heavy; the guilt nearly suffocating. He's given up on the comfort of sleep, knowing the dreams are often worse than reality. What's worse is the struggle to define nightmare from memory, as the line has become blurry and the two now indistinguishable. He can no longer easily tell whether the person he remembers killing was simply a figment of his imagination, or if he's reliving the pleading cry of a mother whose daughter has become the Winter Soldier's latest victim. How long until the world decides he's suffered enough? He's long since forgotten the man he once was, who had been, at one point, young and hopeful, ready to face the trials of the world. Now, he's been stripped of that former identity, forced to succumb to the darkness, and left as just the shell of a tired man who has learned to accept defeat. He only recalls the suffering and the trauma; tries to forget the years of nightmare and torture which never ceases its torment. He's haunted by his weakness and inability to resist the enemy, becoming broken, further and further with each passing day. He was changed into a man who stood for everything he had once been so strongly against, all of his strong morals long since forgotten. What had he done to deserve this when his youth had been spent trying to fix all that was wrong with the world. He had been a good man, he knows that much. Although the memories aren't all there, he knows. Now he treads carefully, tired of the fight. Always tired. He'll do whatever he can to avoid upsetting the world. He's already given so much. The fight will come back around, though. It always does.

He's learned that much.

It always end in a fight.

Born to parents Winifred and George Barnes, James Buchanan Barnes grew up the oldest of four other siblings in Shelbyville, Indiana. He grew up to be an overachiever, excelling as both a student and an athlete as a third time YMCA welter-weight boxing champion. With a dashing smile and his natural charm, he had no trouble effortlessly making friends. He eventually found himself going by "Bucky" Barnes, a nickname that would stick with him throughout the rest of his life. After moving to Brooklyn, he soon found a close friend in a boy who stood barely taller than 5' and had a heart the size of a lion. His name was Steve Rogers, and he quickly became one of the most influential people in Bucky's life. He took Steve under his wing and stepped up to the role of an older brother, and Bucky can still say to this day that meeting Steve Rogers was the best thing that ever happened to him.

So fine, maybe the world had cared for him at one point in his life. He had a great childhood, and with that little kid from Brooklyn by his side, they seemed, in Bucky's mind at least, unstoppable.

Walking away from his life as he was recruited to the army was the last time he can truly remember being happy. He constantly finds himself questioning what would have happened if he hadn't enlisted. He would have found a girl, get married, and probably raised a family. He would have been happy.

Fate had different plans.

Bucky was recruited off to war in the 107th infantry and spent the next few years fighting to defend and protect his country. It was what every able bodies man as early as age eighteen did, and he never gave it a second thought, knowing it was his duty as a male American citizen to fight for the country that had given him so much. The military wasn't easy by any means, though. He trained for months at Camp McCoy in Wisconsin, where he slowly rose up the ranks, eventually claiming the rank of Sergeant. He was shipped off to England where, for the first time, he faced the true horrors of war. His constant motivation during the long and hard days was knowing after all of this was over he could go home and start the life he'd always dreamed of having.

His dreams for a possible future quickly shattered when he and the rest of his infantry were captured by Hydra, a deep Nazi rogue science division led by Johann Shmidt. He was taken and experimented on, and with no visible end to the torture and isolation, he quickly began to lose hope.

Bucky didn't expect to be rescued, yet salvation came anyway in the form of his best friend, Steve Rogers.

"Bucky, it's me. It's Steve."


"God, I thought you were dead."

"...I thought you were smaller."

So to say the least, his best friend had changed. Bucky hadn't expected to ever see the younger man again, but the last thing he could have ever imagined was seeing him walk into his life as a 6' tall hunk of muscle and strength. Alongside his best friend, they marched back across enemy lines and returned with over a hundred of the captured 107th. Their victory was short-lived, though. After a moment of celebration, it seemed as if they turned directly back around with their newly formed group they named as the Howling Commandos. Together they worked to take down all of Hydra, one base at a time.

On a mission gone wrong, as the Howling Commando's worked to capture a Swiss scientist named Arnim Zola, Bucky was blasted off a train by a Hydra weapon. It blew a hole in the side of the train, the force of the impact throwing Bucky off with it. He was just able to grab the railing of the train and held on for dear life. The bar couldn't support his weight, though, and right as he was reaching for Steve's hand who had daringly climbed across the broken wall of the train, the rail gave way and Bucky fell to his death. Much to the rest of the world's surprise, this hundred foot plummet wasn't the end of Bucky's story. It was the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one. One that wouldn't finish for another seventy years.

Any normal man wouldn't have been able to survive a fall off a moving train hundreds of feet off a Rocky mountain slope. They wouldn't have been able to survive the sub-zero temperature or any of the experiences that followed. One might say the thing that killed Bucky was also the thing that saved him. "Bucky's whole unit was captured in '43, Zola experimented on him. whatever he did must have helped Bucky survive the fall." When Bucky was captured, he was injected with a formula similar to that of Doctor Erskine's, effectively making him a super soldier.

This is it, Bucky realized as he plummeted to his death with the image of Steve reaching out for him burned into his memory. His scream had ripped his throat raw, fear filling his chest. His last thought before hitting the cold, icy ground, was Thank God it's me and not you.

Then everything went black.

How long he lay there on that snow-covered ground, he couldn't say. When he finally regained consciousness, his only focus was the pain. It was filling every cell of his body, with no noticeable source. A pain so unimaginable he couldn't put into words. His second thought was the cold. He felt frozen down to the bone, his coat offering only a thin barrier of protection against the frigid landscape. He knew he had to move, if he had any chance of survival. He had to get back to Steve and the rest of the commandos. He had to let them know he was okay. Bucky reached to push himself up and was quickly confronted with the horrifying realization that his arm had been severely broken; the movement sending waves of pain up his broken body, forcing him to collapse back onto the snow-covered terrain as he fought to remain conscious. He felt his vision begin to blur and the light begin to dull right as several men appeared. They were suddenly around him, grabbing him and dragging him out of the pool of his own blood that had soaked into the snow and stained his clothes. Had these men come to save him? He allowed himself to slip unconscious, praying that they would bring him to safety.

Safety came in the form of being jolted awake to the searing pain of having his arm sawed off. Honestly, pain didn't even cover the torment. It was excruciating, without even a sedative to ease the agony.

Death would have been better than this, he soon realized. He had lost consciousness at some point during the operation, reawakening to find himself newly fitted with a bionic arm. He felt it's strength as he clenched his fist, the word's "You are to be the new fist of Hydra," ringing like a siren in his head. He had to escape. He wouldn't allow this to happen; refused to take part in whatever scheme they were planning. Without hesitation he reached forward, grabbing the closest doctor by the throat and tightening his fist around the man's neck. His efforts were short-lived, and he quickly learned as he was injected with a needle, that they had had the sedative the entire time. There are no prisoners in Hydra, just Order, and order only comes through pain. Are you ready for yours? He would continue to fight, but as he was forced into a cryo chamber and frozen, he realized that the enemy had already won.

For the next seventy years, Bucky was forced to endure pain and suffering that no man should ever have to imagine. As the days went by, he was slowly stripped of his former identity and made to forget about the man he once was. After brainwashings and mind control, the man known as James Buchanan Barnes was slowly forgotten and made into a soldier with a mission to kill. "Most of the intelligence community doesn't believe he exists. The ones who do call him the Winter Soldier...". He was trained well, and for over seventy years he remained undetected by even those in the intelligence community. No more than a ghost story, able to wipe people off the grid without a trace. In between missions he would remain frozen in Cryo, which in turn would pause his aging, keeping him at nearly peak fitness. He brutally trained with other Super Soldiers after obtaining a serum reinvented by an American scientist who worked alongside Doctor Erskine, swiftly ending his former friend's life in the process.

When Bucky was finally able to escape the clutches of Hydra, he went into hiding, knowing they'd be searching for him. Finding a safe house in Romania, he spent the next several years searching for clues about his past, keeping a journal to write down any memories that resurfaced. For over seventy years the world was nothing but cruel to him, and yet, somehow he has emerged just as kind as the man who fell from the train seven decades prior. He is currently a victim of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due Hydra's relentless abuse, as well as knowing that the life he once knew is long gone. Taking one day at a time, Bucky is looking towards the future in hopes that his road can only go uphill.

 Posted: Mar 31 2018, 02:21 PM
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Who would win: A secret organization thats been building itself for the better part of a century, or one tortured metal arm boi? Good to have you on board, Bucko

Be sure to complete your claims and set up a plot page!

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