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May 7 2018, 10:35 PM
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In theory, meditation was great for controlling his powers.
In theory.
Translating the things he was taught to his reality was a bit trickier. Billy had never exactly prided himself on having the greatest focus. Sure, he could pour all of his attention into his favorite books, but that was real and present. There was something tangible, an object that he could physically touch, to focus on. Trying to do the same with his power was like cupping water in his hands. It always seemed to slip through his fingers the longer he sat there, and he never really felt in control.
Plus, meditating was hard. He always found himself developing some random itch when he was meant to be sitting still, or wound up drifting off and daydreaming. Once, he'd definitely fallen asleep, and that had just been a nightmare. Magic while awake was enough of a struggle; asleep, it was even more unpredictable. And it certainly didn't help that he was never alone when he practiced. There was always someone there at the corner of his vision, the edge of his perception, and his own self-consciousness made his skin crawl.
It also didn't help that one of the other students - if he could really call them that - was far better than he was.
Nico's magic seemed easier by default, and Billy couldn't count the number of times that he'd cursed his luck for getting landed with his specific powerset. Not that he was envious of her situation; he very much liked his family, and he wouldn't have traded them for the world. (He could have done without the younger brothers, though.) But things seemed to come easily to Nico, and she held herself with a grace that he honestly envied. A lot of the time, it seemed like she was born to do this, whereas he'd just accidentally stumbled into this world of magic.
Meditation just wasn't happening today, not with all of that swirling through his head. Groaning (possibly too loudly), the teen pressed the heels of his hands to his closed eyes, rubbing at his face before scrubbing his hands back through his hair. His legs ached from sitting crosslegged, but the pinprick sensation that he could feel told him that getting up would just be another embarrassment. His hands dropped, eyes opening, and he glanced over at the girl, biting his lip before blurting out, "How do you do it? It just seems like this all comes so much easier for you."



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<i class="fa fa-pencil" style="margin-right: 5px;"></i>god this is so late but magic babes!</div>
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Mar 16 2018, 10:50 PM
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<h1>Full Name:</h1> William David Kaplan<br>
<h1>Codename:</h1> Wiccan<br>
<h1>Occupation:</h1> Superhero High school student<br>
<h1>Date of Birth:</h1> April 28th<br>
<h1>Age:</h1> Sixteen<br>
<h1>Height:</h1> 5'8"<br>
<h1>Weight:</h1> 155lbs<br>
<h1>Distinguishing Features:</h1> A blue glow of his eyes and palms when he uses his abilities<br>
<h1>Member Group:</h1> Mutant<br>
<h1>Playby:</h1> Cole Sprouse

<div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-3" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-3">
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Born a mutant, the teen's mutation presents itself as a natural affinity toward magic. Without the skill or practice of those that spend their lives training in the mystic arts, Billy is capable of channeling the energies of the cosmos and casting magic in many forms. With the right focus, he's capable of summoning lightning, creating shields, healing allies, flying, and even teleporting. Due to a large chunk of his "magical training" literally being homebrew research - i.e. a lot of Harry Potter, wiccan lore, and self-help books - he's very much limited in his approach in casting magic. What he can do depends on his willpower to do it, and his focus in completing the spell. To stay focused, he resorts to repeating what he wants to happen over and over again, though even that isn't foolproof (for obvious reasons).
Admittedly, the things that come easiest to Billy involve a lot of mimicking superheroes that he knows. Billy is a massive fan of Thor and the Scarlet Witch, and his personal style mimics them both. When he first discovered his abilities, he was absentmindedly thinking of striking down his enemies the way Thor did on the battlefield, leading to an accidental lightning strike. This in turn led to the teen thinking that he was an electrokinetic, which led to a whole period of time where he exclusively used electrical attacks. It was only through meditation (and being contacted by some weird people) that Billy realized the extent of his powers, though even now, he's not aware of all he can do. (He still has a fondness for electric attacks, admittedly, but that's neither here nor there.)
Billy's biggest problem lies in self-control and lack of discipline. With a multiverse of energy literally at his fingertips, he often accidentally casts magic without actively trying or realizing the consequences. And even when he does try, his focus is... flimsy at best and his "magic" requires a lot of self-confidence that he doesn't yet have. He's a bumbling teenage boy that has the powers that even experienced mages don't like to use; that's left him with a lot of panic about if he'll fuck things up.
Another downside of this is the fact that Billy could theoretically open himself up to the negative energies of the universe. If he ever decided to tap into any form of magic with a less-than-pure patron overseeing it, he could open himself up to corruption. Any and all "dark" magics - like nearly every time manipulation spell - brings him one step closer to being used for the whims of beings like Dormammu, and that's just some shit nobody wants to see ok.

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If you were to take a look at Billy Kaplan and have to make an assumption on who he is based on appearances... your first guess would probably be the correct one. Billy is your stereotypical nerd, complete with fan obsessions, a love of collectibles, and an inability to physically keep up. He's no genius or track star; who has time to study or run when there's a debate to be had about if the Hulk would be able to best the Wolverine in terms of raw strength? And admittedly, Billy doesn't really care if the things - or the people - he likes make him seem weird or different. He's long since accepted being the odd one out, and he's comfortable on the fringes.
That self-assurance doesn't exactly make him confident, though. On the contrary, Billy has an almost chronic inability to stand up for himself. Even his younger brothers push him around; he's very, very afraid of the consequences of speaking his mind. He doesn't want to fit in, but he doesn't like being an inconvenience either. That leads to a fair amount of Billy letting people trample all over him.
But if you touch his friends... god help you. There are times when Billy can set aside his fear of failure, and it nearly always stems from a need to protect those he cares about. When it comes to his friends, there's nothing he won't do. Even if it's the stupidest idea on the planet, he'll still impulsively come to the rescue because he wants to make his friends happy and keep them safe. Other people give him the strength to be brave, and it's due to the belief of others that he has faith in himself.
Having abilities has started to shift Billy's attitude slightly, though. At first, he viewed it as a curse - something vastly out of his control that made him a danger to himself and those he loved. But as he learns and masters his abilities, he sees himself less as a loose cannon and more capable of becoming like the heroes he practically worships. He sees his purpose in his powers - and that's a nasty double-edged sword, especially when his abilities are erratic, unpredictable, and destructive. But he's a teenager; all he sees is his chance to step into the limelight and let history's eyes rest on him.

<div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-5" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-5">
</label><div class="tab-content">
You come from a lineage of power. It's written in your genetic code, from your mother's side. She and her brother were different, a branch of evolution that set them apart from the rest of humanity.
You wish that your origin story started like that. That's how all good superhero stories start, right? No, instead, your life starts remarkably ordinary. Your parents are suburban as all hell, down to the white picket fence surrounding your house and the well-paying jobs. You're the oldest of three - and the only non-twin boy - and there's something about being the eldest that you'd figure would make you automatically cool and hip.
That's definitely not how it goes. You're a geek from day one. You love dinosaurs and Star Trek and Captain America (for more reason than one, really). You're scrawny and gangly, all limbs and no strength or stamina. You'd figure that you'd get some charisma or something for some semblance of balance, right? Nope; you're just as awkward as you are uncoordinated. It's a massive drag, honestly. Getting ganged up on by your younger brothers makes it arguably worse.
It's not until high school that things get really bad. Sure, you aren't one of the popular kids, but you have friends. Freshman year is where everything changes. You're fifteen and already a mess, and some giant asshole decides he's picked you to be his own personal punching bag. He humiliates you at every opportunity, especially after he catches you checking out one of the guys in the locker room after gym. You quickly become the school pariah, though that's not much different from how it was before, so you're not exactly torn up about it.
Not for the most part, anyway.
Everything has its breaking point, though, and the bullies find yours eventually. A year of pestering and bullying finally pushes you to confront the asshole that started it all in the parking lot after school. It gets physical - because of course it does - but there's something different about the whole situation. You feel static under your skin, and when you push yourself upright after getting punched square in the nose, you find yourself wishing that this jackass would pay.
The lightning that strikes him is deafening, and you're blasted backwards by the force of it. You wake up to panic, and you can't hear the paramedics that are trying to understand what happened. You're fine, which is surprising, but the bully is hospitalized for the better part of a month. It doesn't feel good once you realize that you're the responsible party. You almost killed someone, and it sends you spiralling into a panic.
You struggle for weeks to control powers that you never knew you had, running from every stressful situation for fear of electrocuting someone that you might actually care about. You buy self-help books to see if maybe that'll help you learn control - and it does some, but it's not perfect. You still panic every time you absentmindedly wish for something, becauae what if that comes true too?
It isn't long before he finds you. The guy with the red cloak is... honestly really good at that whole "tall, dark and mysterious" vibe, and he claims to know what the fuck is happening to you. He gives you an offer that you literally can't refuse - the chance to control this terrifying power - and who in their right mind would say no to that? Soon, you discover that your power is magic, and... well, that's around the time that you start considering the possibility of becoming your own hero. If the Scarlet Witch can do it, why can't you?


<div class="app_footer">kiko | 24 | cst</div>
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