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Apr 22 2018, 06:11 PM
So, Spidey and I are on a cross-country roadtrip for the move, and since I'm the one driving it's a little difficult for me to be present on the site. I thought I may have been able to come on when we stopped for rests at the motel, but I've been super worn out

I should be back sometime in the next week, hopefully! I love you all!! <3
Mar 19 2018, 06:53 PM
Charles Xavier
44 | mutant | professor x

Well known as a mutant activist by this point, Charles is more than willing to interact with any mutants. He'll also happily act as a mediator in any situation with those who may be a bit less mutant friendly, or those who are. Really, if it involves mutants, Charles probably has his hands in it somehow.




83 | alien | n/a

Mantis has lived a lot longer than many humans she'd be interacting with, but she's still actually in her prime! She's bubbly, open, helpful, and sometimes just a little bit too much for people. She approaches everything with a joyful desire to learn and experience everything she can about the galaxy, to mixed reactions from others. Be warned: Mantis will help you through your feelings. Even if you didn't realize you wanted her help, she'll be there!


Becoming friends with Mantis is far from difficult. In fact, she could latch on to you as a new friend almost immediately. Almost everyone is a friend in her book. However, she does definitely have a tier of friendship that houses long-term relationships and alliegences. These would be the people she trusts, and those who's energies resonate with her the most after prolonged exposure. If she's starting to get increasing amounts of premonitions about you, then chances are you're one of the bffs for life.

Notable members: Stephen Strange


As easy as Mantis finds it to make friends, it is incredibly difficult to end yourself up on her list of enemies. Really, if you asked her who her enemies were she would likely respond with emotions such as 'hatred' and 'despair'. Of course, this doesn't mean that there aren't people who dislike Mantis. There are plenty, but Mantis looks blissfully past that to try and work on whatever the deeper emotional issue may be. She doesn't need to be liked to help.


If Mantis was given currency for every time someone asked her what Pamaran lovelifes were like, she likely could embark on an intergalactic shopping spree. Like every question, she doesn't avoid the topic if it's brouht up, but it isn't exactly at the forefront of her mind. She doesn't sit daydreaming of the day she'll meet her true love or seem to hold out on some belief that she has a soulmate somewhere out there. Mantis doesn't shy away from experiences that go beyond platonic, but she doesn't seem to chase them like many earthlings do.

Nico Minoru
17 | superhuman | sister grimm

When the world goes crazy, you run. You run away.

That's exactly what Nico and her "family" of runaways did. Their parents turned out to be super evil? Run away from home. Huge fight to save the world from their evil parents resulting in a huge explosion? Run even further. The Runaways are in New York with just each other and one of their parents' many private hideaways. It has security and supplies, but nothing will last forever, and they can't just spend their lives cooped up in some Pride bunker. Nico's number one motivation is to keep their group together and safe. Gaining her trust might not be the easiest, but she's fiercely loyal to her friends.

Nico is kind-hearted and friendly, but the events with The Pride and a recent betrayal from within their group left her questioning her own judgment in people. While she is friendly enough, she isn't the most trusting right off the bat thanks to that experience. Especially if you're an adult. She has her group and that is all she really needs. They are her priority, but she's not so much of an elitist to cut off anyone new.

Notable members: The Runaways

Trying to be one of the "good guys", Nico's enemies often end up being people who are doing something bad. While she doesn't have an arch-nemesis or anything like that, she definitely has a sore spot for anyone who was previously loyal to or partnered with The Pride. Also, anyone who tries to get her and her friends put into an orphanage or whatever gets on this list pretty quick.

Notable members: The Pride, a good percentage of adults

Nico gets touchy when things get stressful, this is a fact. She's not afraid of physicality in the slightest, and as a hormonal teenager she definitely has urges. Emotional connections beyond friendship and loyalty? That's a little bit harder. She hasn't had an actual relationship and often doubts if she could or should, especially after she ended up making out with the person who actually managed to betray her trust even more than her parents had and wanted some creepy "let's repopulate the world" kind of life.

That experience might have traumatized her a bit

Notable members: A certain traitor.

Tabitha Smith
21 | mutant | boom-boom

Boom-Boom is here to shake stuff up! As of right now she is pretty fresh to the Xavier mansion, and doesn't really have many connections in her life. She's not exactly hiding the fact she's a mutant in public, but with how things are currently she's also not broadcasting it. But you might catch her throwing a prank "bomb" or two for fun.

Tabitha is not shy, and she also is far from meek. She'll chat you up, joke around, have a fun time, and be friendly. Unless she doesn't like you. Which, she can be fickle sometimes if she feels threatened or is jealous of someone. Dangerous people don't phase her too much, so even if you look like the "bad type" she's probably willing to give you at least a fair shot. After all, she's not exactly a saint herself. So it'd be a little hypocritical, wouldn't it?

Be forewarned, friendship with Tabitha is a wild ride, just like the rest of her life.

Mutant haters, for obvious reasons. She didn't make any friends by sorta accidentally killing a gang member after witnessing him kill her friend. Tabitha isn't sure if anyone saw, but considering she was a part of the gang and then suddenly poofs after their deaths, she figures someone might have a hunch. So she steers clear of that completely.

She does speak her mind without much of a filter, so it is very possible she could offend someone and get on their bad side.

Just as she is with chatting up people in a friendly sense, Tabitha is not at all shy about flirting. In fact, she'll do so openly. Romance hasn't exactly been in her life but the occasional fling has happened.

Notable members: N/A

Mortimer Toynbee
22 | mutant | toad

Mortimer's had a rough time of it. Surrendered at birth for his mutation, it's haunted him his entire life. He's not proud of his appearance, but he'll use his powers to get by. New York has replaced his home of old York, and he's basically just trying to sleep and eat without getting beaten up by mutant haters.

Mortimer isn't unfriendly, even if he shies away from interaction. He's just too used to being met with hatred or violence. Even when it starts out as pretending to be friends. Deep down, he yearns for affection and somewhere to belong. If he could just be a part of something it might make being the way he is easier.

Obviously any mutant-haters are going to target him, since he has very prominent features to make him stand out. He doesn't currently have any nemesis, per se, but he's not got a whole lot of allies either.

The first time Mortimer had been kissed it turned out to only be because the girl had lost a bet, and looked like she was going to gag afterwards. Since then, it hasn't been that bad simply because he doesn't have any inkling of a love-life.

He is prone to hopeless crushes, the kind that likely would never pan out with how he looked.

Mar 17 2018, 04:41 PM
chapter 1: revelations

In still recent history, humans were made aware of the fact that the superhuman and mutant phenomena wasn't as new as they'd previously thought. Enhanced individuals had been living hidden among them for generations, but with the modern ages it became more difficult to pass off the tales of might and monsters as simply stories when they began to show up in headlines instead of living only in legends.

S.H.I.E.L.D. had operated in secret, but became known as the world began to need an authority to turn to.

Baseline humans were still coming to terms with that knowledge when aliens rained from the sky in New York City, sending the world into a new, public age of heroes and their counterparts. Suddenly, fear didn't come from only the idea of unknown forces only from Earth.

S.W.O.R.D. was formed, creating an agency that focused on extra-terrestrial threats.


Now, there's been another shift.

Those attuned could feel it. The change was felt by superhumans and mutants whose abilities tied into the elements or energies of the universe. It was felt by the sorcerers and desciples of the mystic arts that still manage to live just outside of the public's knowledge. It was felt by off-worlders with powers yet to fully be understood.

Who knows how far the effects were truly felt, and what it could mean?

Is Earth ready for more changes?
Mar 17 2018, 09:51 AM
Hello lovelies, so nice to see you all again!

With a fresh start usually comes changes, and we're totally here for mixing up your writing experiences! Please post in this thread when you've decided which of your previous characters you will be keeping and which you will be dropping using this format:

[b]Player Name:[/b] Your name

[b]Characters Kept:[/b][list]
[*]Last, First
[*]Last, First

[b]Characters Dropped:[/b][list]
[*]Last, First
[*]Last, First

Any character listed as being dropped will be archived, and if you change your mind you would need to apply for them at a later date under normal circumstances.

Keep in mind, since we do encourage plotting there is a chance that your characters kept may be able to retain their pre-existing relationships with other characters, but do make sure you check this with the other player first!

We're thrilled to have you here again. Welcome back! <3
Apr 25 2017, 02:03 AM
Hey all!

So as many of may already know, I'm a community manager and also tje manager of our company's customer service team. We recently made the call to get an overseas team, so fast-forward to me being in the Philippines, Davao City to be specific, for two weeks to train my new team.

I figured I might have time to post after shifts here, but apparently the company hosting us is all about work hard play hard (legit our whole team was hungover after we did island hopping on a party boat the morning before our first night shift ever lol) so that hasn't happened.

So just a note to say I'll try to check in, but I don't have WiFi in a lot of areas and I am a culinary traveler so I keep wanting to go try local foods. (Yes, I am going to try Balut. It's already decided)
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