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Reed Richards


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Apr 10 2018, 06:10 PM
It had been nearly six years since the first public broad alien attack on Earth. A cybernetic species, called the Chitauri, invaded through a wide portal created above New York City. And then, in truth, they never left. Once their connection to the mainframe was severed, it was all disconnected. Their ships, their weapons, their own selves. Even now, it was hard to say if they were organic enough to be dead, or if they were just offline. After that, there was a scramble to salvage as much of the alien tech as they could, from curious bystanders, to criminals, to the very government. While completely expected, the latter won, which made Reed very happy, and, at that point, was the biggest reason he decided to join S.W.O.R.D.

And, six years later, there was still much to be discovered. There was by now very little to find out about how their weapons worked, though they were now working hard on discovering how they were made. After that, production would allow for better, more effective and durable weapons, and, equally as important nowadays, cheaper ones. Equally interesting were the Chitauri themselves. They were a blend of alien metal and alien lifeform, which made them three times interesting, but exponentially complex to understand. Reed was, by then, considerably knowledgeable of the technological part, but the biology of it, without anything to compare it to, eluded him.

What he needed was an expert in non-human physiology. No offense to mutants intended, that was where Dr. McCoy came in. Most of the government wouldn’t be very happy to have one of their own acknowledge a mutant in that way - and which way it was varied for all the complaints - but, the other reason Reed was fine with joining a governmental entity? They didn’t much act like part of the government. Namely, they could do pretty much whatever they wanted, in the name of world security.

Which was why, one sunny Tuesday afternoon - not that Reed knew how was the weather, since he had only made it as far as the S.W.O.R.D. HQ’s post-security waiting room - he stood in a pristine white lab coat, waiting for Dr. McCoy to make it past the checks, so they could start work.

Mar 17 2017, 04:29 PM
Power level over 9000

People liked to think Reed was some aloof creature, who believed himself completely above what happened around the world, and was constantly bored by everything. Nothing could be further from the truth: his work, which was his entire life, was completely dedicated to it, to its wonders. The world never ceased to amaze him. For example: when would he ever imagine before that he would think the exact words “I guess the accident wasn’t so bad. I mean, I guess that was kind of worse.”?

They had cleared a whole floor for that meeting, and had soldiers armed to the teeth behind the door. In the room, for now, there were just himself and the woman, who, at least in that moment, was shorter than him. They had insisted he shouldn’t meet her at the door, as she’d be kept under high security on his way over, which Reed felt was completely unnecessary, but he also learned quite a few years ago to never tell a military man he was overreacting, or being unnecessary. He let them. They had managed to not shoot anyone by accident so far, and, at this point, they were apparently hoping to make her angry. They would not, the saying went, like her when she was angry, but it would be necessary for the work.

Reed wasn’t ready for this, or interested in it. Sue was the one meant to be there, doing that. Biology, anatomy, they weren’t his area of expertise. Sure, he’d very much want to analyze her blood, but not for anything that would be helpful for her or her situation, which only made him feel worse about it all. But they didn’t - and that was a direct quote - ‘trust Stark with another Hulk’. He understood the sentiment, certainly, but still didn’t like very much being the one saddled with it. Her. That didn’t actually fix much. God, he really had no bedside manners, did he?

Reed cleared his throat, still unsure, being completely out of his element. “Hi?” He said weakly, before clearing his throat again. “I’m Reed Richards, I’ll help you with your tests today.”

Tag: Jennifer Walters
Dunno if that was what you were thinking, let me know and I can change all these stuffs for something else
Feb 19 2017, 04:07 PM
Poster boy

The skin under his bracelet itched. He knew that, in a rational level it didn’t actually itch, it was just some weird psychosomatic reaction to being forced to wear it, and that little knowledge in the back of his mind that he could take it off, just slide it right out his boneless arm and hand, because they hadn’t planned for it. They expected the people wearing it to be still vaguely human, it seemed, and Reed didn’t apply.

He tried to ignore it, as he waited in line for the Stark science exhibition. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other, cracked his knuckles and neck repeatedly, the exercise he and his PT developed to help him feel more comfortable, the noise well-known and reassuring.

It still itched. It was okay, right? He wasn’t going to take it off, just shift his arm a little, make it flat enough that his finger could fit in there and rub the offending spot, very, very discreetly. “Is that the bracelet?” The voice came from somewhere in his back, the moment the edge of it peeked out of his suit. He stopped mid-action, the itch worse than ever, as he hid it out again, hoping maybe it would just die off. “Were you going to take it off?” Nope, not dying out. Definitely not dying after the accusations of it being a terrorist attack started.

“Sir...” Reed spoke, trying to remain calm. He didn’t have a heart to quicken anymore, and, in moments like these, he missed counting the heartbeats. Instead, he lifted his arms, almost as much of a natural reaction when dealing with the Army, but, this time, it only made people more nervous, as some ran, afraid of an attack, he he put them back down.. “I’m not a threat!” He spoke firmly, trying to be rational, but these people did not listen to reason. “I’m registered!”

Jan 27 2017, 03:30 PM
F-ing portals, how do they work?

The military were loud, overbearing, rude, demanding, and also had of all sorts of cool stuff, which was basically what made the Baxter Building take all the rest. By cool stuff, it’s things like access to research satellites, and permission to their data. They could build the capsules, but bureaucracy owned the right to send them into space.

‘Quid pro quo’ was the name of the game, and Reed played it well. He might be the only human working on developing their own portal technology, but plenty of aliens had aimed their own at Earth. And if that made Reed giddy and curious in his wish to talk with them, hopefully learn what they have to teach him, the natural military paranoia went overdrive after the Battle of New York. To any of them, ‘Portals = Bad’. It took Reed years to be able to return to his original research - and being followed everywhere and expected to present regular reports made lying very hard even for him - and, when he did, he - eventually - convinced them with one argument: the more they knew about portals, the better they could predict, divert, and close them. Reed himself couldn’t deny that was interesting stuff for himself, too.

Reed gathered all sorts of data they could about the phenomena, and started studying it, and developing better tools. With time, an incredibly flawed Portal Identifying System was created, and, little by little, as his own research improved, it became better. Because of its very nature, it was incredibly hard to capture the portals themselves, but Reed started being able to notice the disruption its waves caused in energy fields.

The great shock came when the System finally identified that specific disruption, due to its large effect in the electromagnetic spectrum. It was big, because there were so many electronics around. There were that many, because they were all at Stark Tower. Reed stood silently, watching the data for a while. Then, he had his computers analyze the pattern down to its bare details, and searched for it in their past data. Then, he picked up the phone, and dialed the number Stark Tower’s number. Then, he turned the phone off. No way in hell Tony Stark got portals before he did. Forget being smarter than he was, the military wouldn’t give Tony Stark good morning, much less the sort of permissions to materials he would need, and not even Tony Stark could get that past them. Right? Right?

He didn’t need sleep anymore, but if he did, he wouldn’t have slept that night. He spent it awake, working at his system, improving it, looking for answers. Then, he admitted a sort of defeat, put it aside for the moment. Still, the System went on a priority alert to him. If it ever recognized anything like that again, it would send him a direct urgent call, and he would be on it.

It happened again a few days later. The disruption was much, much smaller in scale, being somewhere downtown, but it happened. Reed ran to his System server, typing away at ungodly speed, as he gathered everything he could of the location. He didn’t use the satellites, as moving them might let the military know what he was doing, but he hacked into the public cameras, noticing a man, there. Just a man. Near a payphone. Reed found its number, and called it. It rang. It rang again. It kept ringing.

Jan 27 2017, 09:30 AM

Some enhanced believe the Sokovia Accords and Superhuman Registration Act are good ideas. Some are not 100% into it, but they are not going to fight the power.

Either way, some people are actually going to register, get tagged and tracked, and move on from there. This one is for us to clarify what it means for our characters.


Sokovia Accords - Approved
Superhuman Registration Act - Scheduled for February


Information pending, awaiting SRA final approval.

What we know

Those who register will:
  • Have their information added to a National Index
  • Be categorized by threat level (the characteristics to be considered were not yet defined).
  • Be tagged with tracking bracelets (design not informed).

Those who belong to superhero teams must submit to governmental supervision and control.


Of course, for now, all of this is planned, and plans change. But if your character is going to register, let us know, so we can have a head count.
  • Reed Richards - should register after the first few days, once the noise has gone down. Should petition for special permission to remove bracelet, since the tracking signals can interfere with his experiments.


Government sanctioned teams created by the government, their members and goals.
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