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Jan 22 2017, 02:52 AM
[dohtml]<div align="center"><div id="bugle">
<div id="bugle-date">New York, Wednesday, January 18th, 2017</div>
<div id="bugle-head"><img src="" /></div>
<div id="bugle-main">
<div id="bugle-headline">ACCORD-ING TO YOU</div>
<div id="bugle-image"><img src="" /></div>
<div id="bugle-subheadline">Sokovia Accords Passed, Registration Act Soon To Follow</div>
<div id="bugle-body">
<p>On Tuesday, January 17th, the United Nations Security Council convened to discuss the Sokovia Accords. Today, the notes from said meeting were released, and with all fifteen seated countries voting in favor, the Accords were ratified into law.</p>
<p>What does this mean for us? As a member country of the United Nations, our government will be required to formulate laws to register individuals that have extraordinary powers. Mutants, mutates, super soldiers - if they've got powers, they're on the list. Additionally, any powered person won't legally be allowed to dole out vigilante justice without the approval of the United States goverment.</p>
<p>Some critics are claiming that the exact rules and regulations doled out in the Accords are too harsh, or fall too heavily on mutants. But with the rise of vigilantism and disasters like the Pride fiasco just a few months ago, it's time that the governments of the world step up and acknowledge the threat. Individuals like Spider-Man have been roaming the streets, causing chaos and making things harder for our law enforcement.</p>
<p>The Sokovia Accords officially go into effect on February 1st. Local law enforcement is preparing to take on new burdens in tandem with new legislation.</p>
Nov 17 2016, 03:59 PM
[dohtml]<div align="center"><div id="bugle">
<div id="bugle-date">New York, Wednesday, June 29th, 2016</div>
<div id="bugle-head"><img src="" /></div>
<div id="bugle-main">
<div id="bugle-headline">SHOW ME THE MONEY!</div>
<div id="bugle-image"><img src="" /></div>
<div id="bugle-subheadline">Stark Announces New Scholarship Program, Thousands Awarded</div>
<div id="bugle-body">
<p>Today at the New York University's main campus, Anthony Stark - current head of Stark Industries' research and development, better known as Iron Man - announced the opening of the September Foundation Grant to the rest of the nation. Initially only open to students enrolled in Stark's alma mater, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the scope of this project has expanded immensely. In his speech, Stark announced that students across the nation in several scientific fields of study could apply to have their projects funded by the grant.</p>
<p>While the project is impressive to say the least, opponents of the billionare assert that the reason for Stark's sudden philanthropic push is guilt. Given the sheer amount of destruction caused at the hands of Ultron just last year and the fact that it was Tony Stark himself who created the robot, it stands to reason that such a cause might not be entirely without feet to stand on. Others assert that this is only a distraction from Stark's recent support for the push toward superhuman registration that has swept the globe.</p>
<p>Stark's representatives refrained from commenting on these questions, citing instead the new website dedicated to the grant foundation. They also encouraged all currently enrolled students to apply for the grant.</p>
Nov 16 2016, 01:08 AM
[dohtml]<div align="center"><div id="bugle">
<div id="bugle-date">New York, Wednesday, November 16th, 2016</div>
<div id="bugle-head"><img src="" /></div>
<div id="bugle-main">
<div id="bugle-headline">FALL OF THE PRIDE</div>
<div id="bugle-image"><img src="" /></div>
<div id="bugle-subheadline">Explosion Rocks West Coast, Distinguished Families To Blame</div>
<div id="bugle-body">
<p>On November 8th, an explosion less than a mile off the coast destroyed a perfectly normal Election Day for the people of Los Angeles. Displaced water caused tidal waves that ravaged miles of shoreline and resulted in thousands in property damage, and several people out in the water are now dead or missing. </p>
<p>The root cause of the blast was not an earthquake or a tanker exploding, as first theorized, but an intentional explosion deployed below the surface of the water. Reports indicate that the source originated from an underwater temple.</p>
<p>What exactly caused the explosion is still unknown, but reports now indicate that several prominent figures in the Los Angeles area were involved. Five families known as "The Pride" were sighted on the coast the day of the incident and have yet to be found. According to locals, the Pride had fingers in all pies, including local law enforcement and various criminal enterprises. And yesterday, a source has come out indicating that the Pride had superhumans among their ranks.</p>
<p>Government officials are already stepping out in condemnation of the Pride. President elect Thaddeus Ross gave a statement today stating his sorrow for the loss but also asserting the need for registration to "prevent future calamnities of this nature".</p>
Nov 8 2016, 11:39 PM
Have an event in a thread or plot that likely made the news? Not to fear, the staff team is here! If you believe that a specific event that takes place IC in one of your threads was news-worthy and the staff team hasn't included it in an article, you can recommend it to the staff team to have a Daily Bugle article written on it. Keep in mind that the Bugle, while a news source, is largely biased against Spider-Man and might not reflect things in a purely neutral light. (But that's what makes it interesting~)

If you'd like an event to be considered for an article, message this account (THE DAILY BUGLE) your suggestion with the following code:

[b]Date:[/b] date here
[b]Thread:[/b] thread link here
[b]Event:[/b] A basic rundown of the event
Nov 8 2016, 01:45 AM
[dohtml]<div align="center"><div id="bugle">
<div id="bugle-date">New York, Sunday, September 18th, 2016</div>
<div id="bugle-head"><img src="" /></div>
<div id="bugle-main">
<div id="bugle-headline">HAIL HYDRA?</div>
<div id="bugle-image"><img src="" /></div>
<div id="bugle-subheadline">Senator Kidnapped, Implicated For Associations With Terrorists</div>
<div id="bugle-body">
<p>Yesterday, Senator Paul Fitzpatrick was delivered into police custody concerning suspicion of past and current ties with the terrorist organization HYDRA. The shocking revelation came just days after Fitzpatrick announcing his public support for pushing a superhuman registration bill through Congress. According to Bugle sources in the NYPD, Fitzpatrick was not arrested via conventional means. Rather, an unnamed (and heavily armed) group of what we can only assume were vigilantes dropped the senator off at the precinct, along with a flash drive containing "pertinent evidence" to the now ongoing investigation.</p>
<p>Fitzpatrick has not yet been permitted to make a statement, and his legal team have abstained from comment.</p>
<p>The real question that's left everyone stumped is instead in regards to the vigilantes. One eyewitness claims to have seen a man strongly resembling the Winter Soldier - aka James Buchanan Barnes - among the group. Another claims to have seen Spider-Man wielding swords and firearms. While nothing is clear, the question remains: should vigilantes be allowed to mete out justice as they see fit? What's to stop dangerous elements like this from kidnapping anyone that gets in their way?</p>
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